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Friday, March 26, 2010

Wedding day!

Once again these are out of order but this one is us arriving at our beautiful luncheon at Scaldoni's. Then below are more from the temple and luncheon.

Diane is that "the face"? Hahahaha...

Adam's sister Erin Dye made these professional cupcakes that tasted like heaven. The fondant flowers were my favorite part. She made our wedding cake too. Thanks Erin!!!
The temple...and then flashforward to the reception for one picture...:)
This one is from the reception and i am still pretty knew to uploading photos so I cant ever get them in order. Its during the daddy daughter dance. I received some very valuable advice from my father during our dance...He told me to be a good wife so i asked him how...and that's when the tears came :) And he said "you give in." Then he went on to explain about the song from Beauty and the Beast when she says "then somebody bends unexpectedly" and how it is more profound than we realize because if people would "bend" to the others will instead of their own, trying to serve one another and to seek the comfort of their spouse before their own, there wouldn't be so much divorce and unhappiness in marriages. I thought I might pass that gem on.
Outside after the temple, Hannah Stayner my sister took some photos of us. I loved them. Enjoy!

My cute parents and family and some friends went all the way down to St George for our wedding. It was supposed the rain that day but it didn't. I will explain why below.
It didn't rain on our day because (according to Aeva and Beatrice the twins) the "clouds knew it was Adam and Mollie's special day". The twins informed their mother Erin (who is Adam's sister) about that on the way to the reception.
This is my big fun family after the temple ceremony! I love my in-laws so much. I really am so blessed.


  1. So, didn't know this thing existed. Glad I found it maybe I will be in the loop now. Enjoy married life, it ROCKS!

  2. You two are perfect for each other. You look AMAZING in all of your pics Moll. However, I think it's only fair that you post the wedding picture you gave me. If you do that I'll post my Horsey pic. What do ya say?!

  3. Hey Mollie! I didn't know you had a blog! You are beautiful! I love your pictures, Hannah did such a good job! I wish I could have come, but had to work, work, work! Blah!!!

  4. Hello!!! i miss you! im so glad that i got to see you and meet Adam... love

  5. Hello! im not sure if is easier to keep in touch with you here or facebook, i want to see pic with you little stomag. I love you