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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Next big thing

Introducing our little baby bean. It is a boy...without a name yet of course. And we love him SOOOO much already. I feel great and have had a VERY easy pregnancy so far. Adam is very excited to be a new dad and we are feeling very blessed.


  1. Yay! You updated your blog! I have been waiting to see your cute prego belly! Hope all is well!!!

  2. Mollie Im glad you update your blog too, i wanted to see pics :) you look super cute! how was the mission reunion I though of all of you :) hugs!

  3. Mollie FINALLY a post. You know this is the only way some of us can keep up on your busy life. So a post now and then would be GREAT. Didn't even know you were expecting until I ran across it on fb last night. Tell my other son Congrats...from the other mother...and you too.

  4. nice crocks. thats all I wore when I was pregnant with Smith. hot.

    p.s. his name is Ignacio.

  5. You are one hot pregnant lady! I am so excited for you! You two are going to be such good parents. I like the name Sergio! But that could make him a player, so... be careful.